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Unfortunately, Wanja Migwi passed away

Wanja Migwi’s Tribute

Wanja Migwi

Wanja Migwi was one of the people HFN started to support. She had lost three of her children through HIV/AIDS and they left behind three grandchildren who were now under the care of Wanja. She worked so hard on people’s farms just to make sure that her grandchildren have something to eat. When HFN took her in, life became easier for her because she did not have to worry anymore on where to get food. HFN provided her with assorted food items every month. She was able to raise her grandchildren until they finished school. 

She was always very cheerful and loved to laugh out loud. Her laughter was a source of joy mostly to her grandchildren and to the other people around her.  I loved it when I visited her every month to deliver her monthly food, she narrated so many funny stories and she was very hospitable, she made sure that  I at least I took a cup of tea before leaving her house. She also talked to me about life and whispered so many words of wisdom and one thing she kept saying is that we should never stop showing kindness to people because it really runs deep more than we can imagine. She was always grateful for the kindness she received from HFN, words were actually not enough to express how thankful she was, most are the times she wished she was in a position to give back TO HFN.

We have lost a beautiful soul and we will miss her. May she rest in peace.