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Mary Wairimu’s Tribute

Mary Wairimu was one of the HFN’s beneficiaries for more than 10 years. All her children died and since then she has been taking care of her grandchildren. I remember the first time when I went to visit her at her home, I found around  six kids playing in her compound and I asked her whether if they were all her grandchildren and she told me her grandchildren are four and the other two were homeless and she decided to take them in. That really moved me because from the look of things I could see that she was really struggling to feed and take care of her grandchildren but she still had a heart to help other needy kids.  She told me that one might not be very rich or wealthy but there is always something that one can do to give a helping hand no matter how small, she went ahead to say that help doesn’t always have to be inform of money instead one can offer a shoulder to lean on for someone, one can share a plate of food with a hungry person, one can offer shelter for the homeless just like she had done for the two kids. She was genuinely kind and selfless and that is one thing we always remember her for.  Every time I delivered her monthly assorted food items, she always expressed her gratitude to the HFN Donors because life became easier after HFN absorbed her in the feeding program. She would pray and speak a blessing to the HFN Donors and Members. 

She will dearly be missed.

May her soul rest in eternal peace.

New Project 2024 – Victory

This  is Victory Muthuri, he is Fridah’s son. He did his final exam for primary  school education in November and he passed really well. He scored 378 out of 500 marks. He has been invited to join a National Secondary school which is very expensive but Fridah will not be able to afford the fees.  She is kindly requesting HFN to help her with the fees. The school fee per year in a National Secondary School is ksh.65, 000 per year. 

New Project 2024 – George

This George, he is Mary Wairimu’s grandchild. He is the one who takes care of his grandmother. He does casual jobs at construction sites but lately it has become so hard to find a job due to the tough economic times in Kenya. He has a three year old daughter called Precious, who has cerebral Palsy. She is not able to stand or walk on her own and she also keeps having seizures. The doctor has advised him that she needs to undergo physiotherapy sessions  that will help her to walk and also take certain medication which will help to stop the seizures. The medication the doctor prescribed costs ksh. 3,000 and sadly George is really struggling to get the money, most times is when his daughter just goes without the medication.  He is humbly requesting HFN to help him with his daughter’s Medication

Christmas shopping  2023

I did the Christmas shopping for the families and made the deliveries to their homes.  The economy in Kenya is really bad and things have become so expensive and most of the families preferred to get assorted food items for Christmas but Martin, Fridah and her sons got new shoes.

Schools are on holiday but yesterday I met with the girls at their school and they got each a pack of sanitary towels .

Our hearts are filled with so much joy and happiness for your kindness towards us. We are truly grateful for your support.

Thank you so much and we wish all the HFN Donors and Members a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.


I have always wanted to do this project but I didn’t know where to start or how to go about it. Growing up I have seen how some girls who came from humble backgrounds struggled to get sanitary towels.

So I sat down and gave this project a deep thought and I decided to visit a nearby public school on Monday and enquire some more about how the situation is like, on reaching there I talked to the Head teacher of the school and I told him about the project I wanted to do and that’s when he told me how much he struggles to get sanitary towels for the needy girls. He also mentioned that most of the kids come from very humble backgrounds.

He told me that most of these girls miss school when it’s that time of the month and they stay at home until their period is over and they end up missing a lot in school. The sad part is that some of these girls get really desperate to a point they end up looking for men who will buy them the sanitary towel and in exchange they sleep with them and this has contributed to early marriages and early teenage pregnancies.

He told me he has about fifty needy girls who need sanitary towels and the number keeps increasing as the young girls keep growing older. He said he mobilizes his collegues and they raise some money to buy the sanitary towels for the girls but it’s never enough, most are the times the girls are forced to stay at home.

He told me he needs at least fifty packets of sanitary towels every month to keep the girls in school. 

I later went to town to enquire more about the prices, one pack of the sanitary towels costs ksh. 65 but if bought in wholesale it’s cheaper. There is a bundle that has 24 packets inside and it costs ksh. 1,370, so roughly the school needs like three bundles every month for the girls. So roughly if we were to do this project it will be costing us ksh. 4,110.

So I told my bosses about this project and they liked and approved it. They also went ahead and looked for donors and fortunately they got one.

Today I went to town and bought the sanitary towels from the wholesaler and then later I went to the school to deliver them to the girls. Unfortunately some of the needy girls were not in school because they were sent home to go and bring money for school lunch, so I gave the sanitary to the needy girls who were present, and then when the other girls get back, the head teacher will call me to go and give them the remaining sanitary towels.

The girls were very happy to receive the sanitary towels because now, that was a problem solved, they don’t have to worry anymore about missing school when it’s that time of the month. The teachers were also very grateful to HFN for supporting their girls. 

Your support is much appreciated by everyone.

Thank you very much.