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Fotball project

We received some donations during Christmas for the football project. When Dirk came to Kenya we had to come up with an idea on how and where to invest the donations and it happened that as Dirk was taking a walk in one of the slums in Nyeri he met a group of girls playing a local football made of polythene papers and immediately the idea of buying them a proper football came to his mind.

He had a chat with the girls and he promised to buy two footballs, one ball was to be given to the girls and then he organized a football tournament where the girls had to look for a group of boys whom they were going to compete with, then the winning team would get the second ball.

The next day Dirk went to town, bought two footballs, some water and local snacks for the players. He then went back to the slum, found the girls and the boys ready for the football tournament.  He first gifted the girls their ball then right after the match kicked off. There were a lot of spectators all around. The boys team won and they got the second ball.

The money was well spent and it was more fulfilling to see how happy the children were