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Catherine Wanjiru's family all happy

Christmas photos

We are doing great. I finished the Christmas shopping and delivered them to the families though some of them have traveled to visit their relatives so I didn’t get a chance to give them their gifts but I will deliver them when they come back.They were really grateful and happy for receiving the gifts, They send their regards to you and they wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Happy HolidaysShiro

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Shiro and Mark at the market

New mattresses

The mattress project is done.  I bought sixteen mattresses for each kid  then later delivered them at the Home  and there were only a few kids present.  Schools have closed and some of the kids have gone to visit their distant relatives.

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Shiro and the YOU.REP Kids collecting garbage

Environmental protection project

I have been looking for a place where we could plant trees and so I visited the YOU.REP home, talked to the director and she allowed us to plant four trees in their compound and the timing was just perfect for planting trees since it’s the raining season. I then suggested about cleaning the environment and she liked the idea and requested if we could at least start by cleaning the YOU.REP compound and its surroundings, which I thought was great idea so I organized everything and bought the necessary items for the project and we did it on Saturday and it was a success.

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Martin, sharon and Fridah's sons


We are doing great, schools were on holiday for three weeks but now they re opened this week.

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Us at the show ground

Agriculture Society of Kenya

On Saturday (25.05.2019) I took the kids to the Agriculture Society of Kenya show where farmers get to display their products, different institutions had put up their stands for selling their products and also the kids got to have fun as there were so many games for them to play.

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