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Sharon and Mark

I had a meeting last week with Fridah from the YOU.REP Home. She told me that she had a meeting with the children’s officer and he told her that there is a new rule in the country that any child who has a parent, he or she will not be allowed to stay in any children’s home, so the children’s officer has been doing a follow up whether there is any child in the children’s home who has parents, where he found out that Mark and Sharon have parents. Mark has a mother and Sharon has a father, so both Sharon and are now living with their parents. The children’s officer ordered the two parents to take full responsibility of their kids. 

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Catherine Wanjiru's family all happy

Christmas photos

We are doing great. I finished the Christmas shopping and delivered them to the families though some of them have traveled to visit their relatives so I didn’t get a chance to give them their gifts but I will deliver them when they come back.They were really grateful and happy for receiving the gifts, They send their regards to you and they wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Happy HolidaysShiro

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Shiro and Mark at the market

New mattresses

The mattress project is done.  I bought sixteen mattresses for each kid  then later delivered them at the Home  and there were only a few kids present.  Schools have closed and some of the kids have gone to visit their distant relatives.

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