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Mary Wairimu’s Tribute

Mary Wairimu was one of the HFN’s beneficiaries for more than 10 years. All her children died and since then she has been taking care of her grandchildren. I remember the first time when I went to visit… Mehr erfahren

New Project 2024 – Victory

This  is Victory Muthuri, he is Fridah’s son. He did his final exam for primary  school education in November and he passed really well. He scored 378 out of 500 marks. He has been invited to join a… Mehr erfahren

New Project 2024 – George

This George, he is Mary Wairimu’s grandchild. He is the one who takes care of his grandmother. He does casual jobs at construction sites but lately it has become so hard to find a job due to the… Mehr erfahren

Christmas shopping  2023

I did the Christmas shopping for the families and made the deliveries to their homes.  The economy in Kenya is really bad and things have become so expensive and most of the families preferred to get assorted food items… Mehr erfahren


I have always wanted to do this project but I didn’t know where to start or how to go about it. Growing up I have seen how some girls who came from humble backgrounds struggled to get sanitary… Mehr erfahren