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HFN football team

We are doing great. I did a project with a few HFN boys on how to make football using papers.  It is also a way of conserving the environment because the boys go round collecting  papers that have littered the… Mehr erfahren

The key holder


Jambo, Murage is Catherine Wanjiru’s son. He is in grade five and he is very creative. He has been collecting plastic soda rings that are usually attached below a bottle cap or lid and he uses them to… Mehr erfahren

Wanja receiving her food package from shiro

Mary Wairimu and Wandia

We are doing great still keeping safe. I visited a few families early this week and delivered their monthly food stuff.


Shopping for Martin

Work had started going back to normal due to the reducing number of covid cases but now it’s just sad that this week they have been reporting more covid infections and the government has imported the covid vaccine… Mehr erfahren


Sharon and Mark

I had a meeting last week with Fridah from the YOU.REP Home. She told me that she had a meeting with the children’s officer and he told her that there is a new rule in the country that… Mehr erfahren