Yesterday (17.11.2018) Martin was unwell and we took to the hospital the doctor run some tests in him and he said that he has Pneumonia, he underweight and his immune system is very low. The doctor suspects that Martin has never been immunized even once when he was a baby and that contributes greatly to his low immune system. The doctor said Martin has to be put on a special diet and also needs to eat more fruits to boost his immune system. He was also given some pneumonia medicine. Is it okay if HFN takes care of buying Martin the fruits? Fridah and I will take him to the General Hospital and explain Martin’s story to them and see if they will agree to give him the injections.

Fridah is in the legal process of adopting Martin so that she can be able to add him in her National Insurance card so that he can also be covered that way we will not be paying cash upfront whenever we take him to the hospital we will just be using the card.

Martin and Fridah in the doctor's office

Martin and Fridah in the doctor’s office

Martin getting ready to have his blood pressure taken

Martin getting ready to have his blood pressure taken

The nurse taking Martin's blood pressure

The nurse taking Martin’s blood pressure